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June YokoTea Review

About: YokoTea is a family-run business with a subscription that sends you 2-3 teas a month. Since I signed up for 3 months, it only cost me $9.94 a month and I got free shipping. You can choose between a mixed box of herbal and caffeinated tea or just herbal tea. Their website is great because it says when they ship the next box, you can easily manage your subscription through the Memberly website, and it even says when you will be charged again. If this sounds like a subscription for you, feel free to check out YokoTea.

This box actually came the same time as the Love With Food box. I know, I know! This is such a late review but I have a good reason. It's because I wanted to test each tea before presenting it to my readers. Stupid me, forgot the box at Bee's place where it sat for like a week before I got my hands on it again. Now onto the review.

My box came with three teas. I'm not sure if I've said this before but I'm not a big tea fan. So why would I order this box? Well, Bee likes tea and so does my Grandpa Sagolili. It was really for them that I got this box. I still wanted to test it for myself though because I bought special honey just to make tea more pleasant for me.

Isn't this so cute! I have no idea how much this costs but I'm pretty sure I'd never buy it if I saw it just cause I don't normally drink tea. I'm so glad this comes in every first box. I really like having it and using it.

Serenity: I can't give you actual prices because I have no idea what it would be. This is not the full-size that you can get but it's definitely enough for lots of tea. I tried this one first. Upon opening it, it had a strong mango smell. After tasting it, I would say it has a strong fruity flavor along with that watery leaf flavor. My grandpa really liked this. He said it tasted like candy.

Divinity: This one smelled like candy almost. On second whiff, it had a kind of almost smoky kind of scent to it that made me think of India. Not sure why, it just did. I didn't like this one. The flavor was too strong. Even with my honey, it didn't have a good taste to me. I'm not sure how to describe it but I didn't care for it. When it brews, it has a nice orange color to it. Bee said it has that tea flavor but it's very floral.

Nectar: This one was the only one with caffeine in it. I could definitely smell the peach in this. Upon first taste, it had a really strong flavor. I couldn't really stomach this one with my honey in it either. Honestly, I think if it was just Black Tea without too much added stuff, it would have been better. It's that fragrant flavor that tends to make my taste buds go yuck. My youngest brother really liked it though.

Here is the honey that I used. I got it from the Teavana store at Ala Moana Shopping Center. It is Rare Hawaiian Organic White Honey from Volcano Island Honey Company. It's gathered from kiawe trees on Big Island. This honey is so delicious.

Overall, I think I should not be the person that does the taste-testing for this box. Haha! Maybe my grandpa, brother, and Bee should do it. But it was really great and there was actually one that I liked with me tea. I say that's enough to make me like the box. Since I'm not the big tea drinker, this wasn't for me anyways. For those that enjoy tea, I say get the box and try it.

Have you gotten a YokoTea box? Big tea drinker or are you like me and don't drink tea that much?

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