Thursday, June 27, 2013

Advanced Screening of The Lone Ranger

So my mom won tickets for 4 to an advanced screening of The Lone Ranger. Here are all the pics and the short story of our experience at our first advanced screening of anything ever. Go mom!

Just a warning, these pictures are not that great in quality because they were either taken with my phone or with my sister's ipod. The ticket said no device that could record things so I left my camera in the car. Of course, I wasn't gonna leave my phone in the car.

Here we are! My brother, my sister, my mom, and me posing for a quick pic just for you guys! I'm so glad my family is supportive of me blogging.

We got there like 2 1/2 hours in advance just to stand in line. I eat like every 2 hours or I start to starve. So we went to get sushi! Let me tell you, if you don't bring something to do, you will bored out of your mind while waiting.

So this was the lady controlling the line. She was so hilarious! If you recognize the guy, then I applaud you! It tells me you actually read my blog and I definitely love my readers.

As it was an advanced screening, any device that could record the movie had to be handed over. The big guy on the top even had a metal detector. It was high security for sure. So we handed over our phones and my sister's ipod to be put into one envelope. They give you a ticket that matches the one on the envelope so you can get it back before leaving.

On to the movie, it was hilarious! There were moments that made me tear up and the next thing I know, I'm cracking up and wiping laugh tears from my eyes. You won't hear any spoilers from me but I will tell you this, there is no secret ending or funny thing at the end of the credits. So you don't have to watch all the way to the very end.

We got pinwheels after the movie and my brother snagged a Lone Ranger mask. He didn't feel like tying it so he just held it in place for me.

Lots of fun and glad my mom won those tickets! For free, I'll wait in a line for a movie but I hate waiting in line to watch a movie I paid for. Thus I rarely go to the movies and if I do, it's way after the opening date so there is no line for it and lots of seats.

Are you excited to watch The Lone Ranger?

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