About Me

Aloha! My name is Tasha. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Here I am with freshly cut and styled hair.

I come from a very big family. I'm currently with my wonderful boyfriend Bee. No, that is not his real name but rather a nickname he got over time and yes, it is spelled that way.

Here are my two babies, Junior and Jongy. Junior is the older one. They aren't that size anymore. Junior managed to get bigger and Jongy grew.

Random Things To Know:
  • I love cats, though you could've probably guessed that yourself. Well, I love all animals except for bugs.
  • I love music. Music helps me deal with stress and I'm grateful everyday that I can listen to music.
  • I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
  • I love art. If I could afford it, my place would be covered with commissioned art.
  • I think that dancing is the best form of exercise just because it is loads of fun.
  • I learned how to bake because I like eating sweets.
  • I am totally a Guess girl. I literally have to force myself to walk past the store before I go in and buy something.
  • I have four younger siblings, two brothers and two sisters.
  • I am a U.H. fan even when we aren't playing our best. GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!
  • I actually love to read manga and anime. Hopefully next year at Hawaii's anime convention, I'll finally be confident enough to cosplay.
  • My favorite characters are Eeyore and Gir from Invader Zim.

About This Blog

You may be wondering what exactly you will find here. Mostly I will be writing about subscription boxes and products that I receive in the mail. There are also other things I will write about, life mostly. I originally had it all scripted out by days but I threw that out the window. Why not be more spontaneous? So instead, I'll make sure to get a post up a day without it being predetermined.

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