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June Birchbox Man Review

About: Birchbox is basically a way to discover new products via samples that they send. It costs $20 a month for the men's box and shipping is free. For men, it includes grooming products along with lifestyle products from socks to tech accessories. By shopping, referring friends, and giving feedback, you gain points that can be used towards future purchases. You can't put your subscription on hold but you can cancel at anytime. There is a wait for this box so sign up early if you plan to subscribe. Please use my referral link if you do sign up!

This is what it looks like! I love how the box looks. It has a very neat, professional look to it. I also think it's pretty awesome that it slides out like a little drawer. Definitely one of the coolest boxes I've ever gotten even if it wasn't exactly for me. I actually signed up for this box because I know Bee is always looking for good products to use in his grooming routine. Sometimes it's just hard for him to decide because he doesn't want to spend tons of money only to find out that product doesn't work for him. Thus, this box is pretty much awesome for him.

As you can see, one of the products actually leaked. I'll talk about that later. I do love that they include a little information card on each product and how to use it. I mean, sometimes you just gotta point out the obvious. No harm in leaving directions for everything. Well, I guess you don't need directions for how to put socks on.

Richer Poorer Socks ($24): Wow! These socks are kind of expensive. I mean, I'm used to buying those cheap packs of them. Then again, I don't wear shoes that often but Bee does and he buys the cheapest socks he can find. I was a little skeptical about these. Bee favors ankle high socks but he said he would totally rock the green ones. Yay! The other pair went to my brother who said he'll wear them when he goes to San Diego for his baseball trip.

GO247 Shave Cream ($8): This was the product that leaked. Thank goodness they put it in a plastic baggy and wrapped it up because otherwise it would've been a hot mess in that box for sure. I would say this is a deluxe size sample because the actual one is 4 oz. Too bad like 1/3 of it leaked out. Bee did like it when he shaved. I'm not really sure if he would buy it though.

John Allan's Slickwater Pre-Shave Solution ($ ???): This sample is so tiny that I could not put an estimate on it. A whole 2 oz. bottle of it is $30 so this sample is probably worth more than $1. Bee really liked it. He didn't have any nicks or razor burn. So the combination of this plus the shaving cream worked really great. It is kinda pricey though. But overall, he really liked this one.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser ($ ???): Yeah, that thing was tiny. I saw this in other reviews and I have to agree with how small it is. Jongy was quite interested in it when I opened it up. It's always fun to open my boxes when both my cats are around to explore with me since Bee is usually at work. The 4 oz. container is $32.95. I ended up trying this one day. It made my skin feel super clean. I liked it but I'm not a huge fan. It totally cleans your face good though. Luckily, I got a small face and there is still more for me to use.

Old Spice Pure Sport Bar Soap ($5.31): This was what was making that box smell so good! When I first opened the outer box, it smelled amazing. Seriously, I was all like, "OMG! This smells like a hot guy!" Haha! Bee thought it smelled good too. I opened it when he picked me up from work. We didn't even have to test this. As huge fans of Old Spice and loyal customers, we already know how much this rocks. I'm so glad they gave this as a little bonus item! That and it's the actual whole soap bar, not a sample. Bee loved getting this!

Overall, the value was way higher than the $20 price. It's so worth it to get this box that it isn't even funny. I'm so, so, so in love with Birchbox for men and I'm not even a man. Great samples to try out and a freaking amazing bonus item. I can't wait to see what we get in our July box! It's too bad it takes forever and a day to get to Hawaii. We almost received this box in July.

Do you subscribe to Birchbox for men? What did you think of the June box? If not, sign up for Birchbox for men here!

Disclosure: I paid for this box. I was not compensated or paid for this review. All opinions expressed belong to me or Bee. The links are referral links and I would love it if you clicked through them!

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