Friday, July 5, 2013

Celebrating 4th of July Hawaii Style

So I did get to do something other than work on July 4th. Yay! I ended up walking to Ala Moana Shopping Center to watch the fireworks. Here's the details and pictures.

My apartment is super close to the mall so walking was no problem for me. Unfortunately, I got there right when most of the stores closed including my favorite gelato place at Nordstrom! I was so sad! So I walked all over trying to find someplace with some cool treat that I would want to eat. Then Barnes and Nobles saved me. I got a tiramisu parfait from them. It was so delish! I almost forgot to take a picture before I devoured it.

Bee had met me at the mall after an afternoon of skateboarding. What else would he do on his day off? Anyways, he wasn't in the picture taking mood. I'll have to remember to take off his hat next time because I really do not like how his head looks with it on. Haha! Shockingly, I don't look that bad considering that I was sweating like crazy while walking to and around the mall.

Below are some fireworks! I didn't upload all of them because I did not want to kill the speed of loading for anyone. If you can't tell, it was super spectacular. Some guy was super smart because they were flying an R/C helicopter near the fireworks with some kind of device to record it. So whoever it was had the best view. Surfers like to paddle out and watch from the ocean.

Here are the throngs of people leaving the beach park to go home after the show. Sorry it's such horrible quality. My camera is kind of old and not too brilliant at taking pictures in the dark. It was a sight to see though. Bee asks, offhanded, "What if those were zombies?" To which I responded, "Well, shit. We're screwed. I hope they can't climb stairs and are so dumb that they take forever to find the ramp." Excuse my language but I tend to be serious about zombies. Thank you dad for making me sit through every single game of Resident Evil with you.

Getting off subject here. I hope you all had a fantastic Independence Day! A shout out to all the troops that protect and serve our country, thank you! I had a great time.

Did anything interesting? Let me know what you did!

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