Monday, July 1, 2013

Makeup Win

I recently won a makeup palette from Jessica. You can find the original post for the giveaway here. I was so excited to have won this. It's actually the second time I've won something from a giveaway, my first time being a $25 Amazon e-Gift Card. I'd like to say thank you to Jessica for this! If you get the chance, check out her blog. She mostly blogs about fashion and beauty which makes sense since she gave away makeup.

When it first arrived, I had no idea what it was till I looked at the comments on what was inside. Then I got super excited because it had finally arrived. Seriously, winning stuff is awesome especially makeup stuff. She had it wrapped up in paper towels. It smelled like an airplane. No, I did not sniff it, that was just the smell of it when I took it out. I don't know how to describe it, just that smell that airplanes have. Maybe it was from it's long trip.

So this is what I won! Makeup tends to be the one thing that I wish were cheaper but I like good quality makeup so expensive it is. I'm so glad that I won this. It comes with two eyeshadows, lipstick, powder, along with brushes for applying them all.

Here is the look all together. I don't know why but I find it hard to smile when taking makeup pictures. I just don't feel comfortable smiling in them. It's weird but just know that I was happy when I took this. The powder didn't really show on my cheeks. Maybe it's my skin color or that my cheeks are naturally a little pinkish. The lipstick did show though, it made my lips a shade darker than they really are.

A close up of my eye! I was a little iffy on posting this but decided to so you could see the eyeshadow colors. One is a shimmery light brown color and the other is a darker brown color. I love them both! I'm such a big fan of natural colors.

Overall, I love this palette and I'm totally gonna be using it for as long as it lasts me. Such a great win! Thanks again to Jessica for my new makeup!

Win any makeup recently?

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