Monday, July 8, 2013

Sing Along on Monday: Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays

This was entirely unplanned. But I went over to My So-Called Chaos and read her Musical Mondays post. Totally love that cover that she posted. If you haven't checked out Miss Angie, you should. In a previous post, her blog was included in my post 3 Blogs I Love To Read. So thank you to her for the inspiration!

Reading her post and listening to the song she posted made me think of a certain channel that I follow. So here is a video of a mash-up made by a one Kurt Schneider. I love watching the videos he makes and listening to his takes on hit songs. Definitely gives me a fresh perspective on songs I love and songs I don't really love.

Enjoy! Don't forget to check out Miss Angie! She has a giveaway going on right now posted on her blog.

Have any amazing mash-ups you love? Share them with me! As a huge musical, but not talented, person, I love discovering new music and artists.

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