Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shane's Grad Party (4th One)

I had another grad party over the weekend on Sunday. This one was for another cousin of mine, Shane. I'm so proud of him and excited to see him succeed. He graduated from Kamehameha Schools! His grad party was at Side Street Inn. One day, I shall do a full post just on that restaurant alone because it seriously has some ono kine grinds. Enough about how much I love to eat, here's all the pics and stories from the party!

Here is Shane and one of the previous graduates hanging out together. Baseball, my brother, had to go and turn away so he wouldn't be in the picture. It's alright, I can be sneaky about pictures when I want to be. I remember these boys when they were half my height! Time goes by so quickly.

Here ar the Nuuhiwa's and my stepfathers mother sitting in the back. My Uncle can sing some mean falsetto. I love listening to him sing. If you ever come to Hawaii, you gotta hear someone sing some good falsetto live. It's totally worth it.

There's Bee sitting down and looking at the little menu. My two uncles who happen to be twins looked away on purpose. There is Bubba, my brother sitting behind the balloons. We had just gotten to the party. Yes, I did snap those previous pictures before bothering to sit down.

Here is my mommy and my stepfather. That iPod on the right would be my sister taking a picture at the same time as me. It's actually quite hard to catch them together, smiling, so I'm glad I managed to get this pic.

These were just a small part of the pupus that they had available. Me, being hungry, grabbed this before they brought out the other pupus which consisted of tons of poke and two different salads. I really love edamame though, so I'm glad they put that out. The tako poke on the left went to Bee. He loves his seafood.

I managed to get Baseball in a picture! My sis just moved out of my way when I had the camera ready so I snapped it right away. He was watching soccer on the T.V. Eventually, a grouchy aunty came by and kicked them off of the bar because they are underage. They weren't drinking any alcohol though, just coke.

A small sampling of all the food we had to eat. The chicken was so ono! There was salad too with eggs and ranch dressing. I'm a huge fan of eggs in salads so that was delicious. They also served catfish which Bee loved. I actually don't normally eat cooked fish, only raw fish, but that catfish was so good even I enjoyed some of it. So much good food!

It was a great party! So glad I got to spend more time with my extended ohana. They crack me up. Good luck to Shane as he goes to college up in Oregon! May he be as successful in college as he was in high school and then some.

Attend any grad parties lately? Share the details!

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