Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July Activities

Happy July 4th everyone! I hope you all have fun things planned out because I don't. I got work in the morning and then no plans at all. So have fun for me! If you live in Hawaii, here are some fun events to check out that will be going on.

Ala Moana Center: They always have free concerts and then a fireworks show at night. It's super awesome and I went the past two years. Definitely worth seeing. Just make sure you bring chairs or a mat to sit down on, an umbrella, and park close to the exit. It gets so packed that it's hard to get out when it's all done. We actually walked from my apartment since I don't live too far.

Maunalua Bay Festival: I never went to this before but it sounds super fun with live entertainment including a hula performance. It sounds like a great event for the whole family with things that kids would love also. Face painting, what kid doesn't love that? Bubba would be all over that.

Turtle Bay Resort: I wish I could go to this! Such great performers and bands performing. Wish I could go watch Kapena but man is that a drive for me. If only I didn't have work. Seriously, if anyone goes to this one, I want to know how it was.

Did anything fun for Independence Day? Let me know!

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