Tuesday, July 9, 2013

June Wantable Jewelry Review

I bet you were wondering where my Wantable box review went especially since I said I'd never cancel my subscription. Well, I didn't cancel it. I just skipped my makeup one so I could try the jewelry one. Since the makeup one was so impressive, I totally wanted to test the jewelry one. For those that don't know what Wantable is, you can find out more information at my Subscription Box List.

I had the hardest time finding jewelry subscription boxes that I really wanted to try. I like small vs. big and simple vs. complex. Many boxes seemed to showcase jewelry that just was too much for me. Since Wantable allows you to customize what you can possibly get, I was all for trying it.

Let me tell you, Wantable ships so fast. I almost couldn't believe it. While I had been waiting for some of my boxes for more than 2 weeks, this one came in about a week from when I ordered it. So not only do they customize it but it ships fast. Once again, they included a list of what products were included in my box. This one featured Lisa Eurdolian from prettyconnected.com.  

Okay, so you know that they care about your products arriving to you safely when it's packed with that much stuffing. Seriously, I couldn't even pack it back in. It took up pretty much the whole box. Then I discovered all the jewelry and accessories at the bottom of it. Like digging for treasure!

Loretta Necklace ($22): I love this necklace! I've always wanted a multi-strand necklace but never got around to buying one. Thought that would be my fault. I spend my money on food not jewelry. Plus it looks amazing on me! Well, I did take a long time to get ready that day too. Bee saw the picture and said I look hot. Seriously, he doesn't compliment me often so when he does I just about pass out from happiness. That picture of it alone does not do it justice. The coloring is more grey for the beads.

Betsy Earring ($20): Yep, that is what they are called on the information paper. I think these earrings are so cute! I love them. Would I have bought them if I had seen it myself? No. Am I glad I got them? Umm, yes! Wantable rocks because they send me stuff I would never go and buy myself but love! Totally a keeper. Oh, and that is why I don't smile in my pictures often because my eyes are not the same size and it becomes more obvious when I smile. 

Julie Lynn Headband ($20): I'm not a big headband fan because they don't look good on me. I wish I did match them though. I've always loved headbands but for some reason they don't like me in return. This one was super cute too. I think I'll give it away as a gift to a family member. There is a ton of birthdays coming up. This would make a great present.

Hadley Earring ($20): So I had a picture of me wearing these but didn't put it up. Why? Because I felt I looked terrible in the picture. It was not the earrings fault though. I love these. I'm such a huge hoops fan. My favorite earrings used to be these salmon pick hoops until my sister wore them and destroyed them. So glad I got these. They are so gorgeous! They look heavy but aren't at all. I love the color of it too. Totally my style.

Katy Sunglasses ($15): This was the only thing in the box I was not excited about. First off, I'm not a huge fan of floral print. It's probably due to the fact that I live in Hawaii and I definitely see enough floral print to last me several lifetimes. Second, I only wear super expensive Oakley sunglasses. So quality is very important to me. They are cute but definitely not for me.

Overall, the value of the box equaled to $97. Now that is a deal. This box only cost $36. Seriously, how great is that? You know you are getting a great value for the money you spend on any Wantable box you get. This is my second box from this company and it did not disappoint at all. I'm so glad I signed up for the jewelry box too. Even if I don't like the sunglasses, I loved everything else.

Did you get a Wantable box this month? What did you think? If you haven't, use my referral link to sign up!

Disclosure: I bought this box myself. I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions stated belong to me.

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