Subscription Box List

All of these boxes are ones that I am/was subscribed to. This means that they definitely ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

Birchbox Man (Grooming)
$20/month Receive samples of grooming products along with some lifestyle products. Every box is filled with products from their list of items for that month's box. They decide which products to send to you based on your profile. No skip Shipping is free in the U.S. They do have a referral program. You get 50 points at the end of the first month for your referral. If you plan to buy a full-sized product from your box, you get free shipping on it.

Conscious Box (Eco)
$19.95/month Receive healthy and sustainable products in samples and maybe full-size Every box is randomly filled and the same for everyone each month. You can pause your subscription. Free shipping only to U.S. They have an affiliate program but no referral program. You can rate the products you get to earn points which can be used towards purchases.

Ditsies (Panty)
$12/month Receive one panty in the mail every month You can choose between two types and color range or mix it up and have them surprise you. Skip at anytime Free shipping There is a referral program and every referral you have, you get a free month. For no extra fee, you can choose to donate a portion of your payment to a non-profit organization.

Gourmet Spotting (Food)
$29.99/month Receive 4-6 hand-picked gourmet products every month Every box comes with a random assortment of food. No skip Shipping costs $7.95 and only ships in the US. No referral program For every box they ship, they donate a meal to charity. 

Julep Maven (Nails)
$19.99/month Receive at least two polishes plus other beauty/nail products a month You take a style quiz that will determine your beauty profile. You get an intro box based on your beauty profile. Each month, you can preview what you'll get and can choose a different box from the one selected for you. You can skip the next month during the preview period. Free shipping for Mavens. There is a referral program and every referral you have, you get 1000 jules that can be used to get free stuff. As a Maven, you get 20% off all products.

Love With Food (Snacks)
$12/month Receive 8 or more gourmet snacks a month It isn't personalized though they seem to work around a theme every month. No skipping The shipping is included in the price. They do have a referral program. For every friend that signs up, you get 100 points. Points can be saved to buy products on their site. With every purchase, they donate a meal to a hungry child.

NatureBox (Snacks)
$19.95/month Deluxe Package, $29.95/month Family Snacker, $49.95/month Professional Snacker For every one, you get 5 full-sized snacks. The Deluxe Package includes one of each. The Family Snacker contains 2 of each. The Professional Snacker has 4 of each. They are coming out with personalized boxes right now. So you'll soon be able to choose what snacks you want if you don't want it to be random. You can pause at anytime so long as you contact them before your next billing date. Shipping is free in the continental US. It costs $1.97 to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and US territories. You can get referrals by sharing on social networks or through e-mails. NatureBox makes donations to WhyHunger.

Pawalla (Dog/Cat)
$20/month for the mini box, $30/month for the deluxe box For the mini box, you get 4-5 products but no wet food. For the deluxe box, you get 7-9 products and does include wet food. They send products based on your pets type, age, and size. No skipping The website says free shipping to the continental U.S. but they shipped it to Hawaii for free too. They do have a referral program. If someone goes through your referral link, they get $6.50 off and you get a $10 credit to your account. You can get PawPoints. 50 PawPoints gets you $1 off a purchase.

Wantable (Beauty/Jewelry)
$36/month for a recurring subscription, $40/month for a one time box For the makeup box, receive 4-6 full size products. For the jewelry box, receive 3-5 jewelry pieces. You take a quiz to determine exactly what type of makeup or jewelry you get in your box. You'll never receive something you don't want. You can skip at anytime. Shipping is free to the U.S. They do ship to Canada and Australia. They do have a referral program. When someone signs up through your link, you earn $1 and when they buy their first box, you earn $9. They sent me a survey after I got my box to see how I liked it.

YokoTea (Tea)
$10.95/month Receive 2-3 teas that they get from farms and tea distributors around the world. You can choose between all herbal teas or a mixture of herbal and caffeinated tea. No skipping You must pay $2.95 shipping if you only purchase a month to month subscription. If you get the 3-month or 6-month plan, then shipping is free. There is no referral program. "Every box supports a great cause like planting trees in Haiti or providing fresh water in Sudan." - direct quote from the site.

Yuzen (Pamper)
$33/quarter Receive a range of eco-friendly, natural, and organic products that cater to you. They say you will get "a little Zen for every season". You don't get to personalize it but every product is carefully chosen. No skipping Free shipping to the U.S. There is no referral program.

Disclaimer: Some links may be referral links. All information is based on what I have learned and may change at the companies discretion. I will try to keep it updated. I do not claim to know everything there is to know about the subscription services listed here.

Disclosure: I am not affiliated with any of these companies.


  1. Oh my goodness. I thought I was the only person in Hawaii with a subscription box habit!

    1. Hey! I didn't think I'd ever find someone from Hawaii who did subscription boxes either! Good to know I'm not alone.


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