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June Conscious Box Review

If you'd like to learn more about Conscious Box, feel free to check out the information in my Subscription Box List. For those that don't know what it is, Conscious Box is an eco box. They send a variety of organic and natural products every month. If you want to see a previous review, here is my May Review.

Here is the first look. I didn't post the picture of the outside box. Conscious Box is pretty much a box in a box. The outer box is thicker while the inner box has this little window.

What you saw in the window was the backside of their card that tells you a little on what inspired their box. There was also that gorgeous postcard! Jessica, the winner of my giveaway, should be getting it soon along with her prizes. I love postcards but never have a reason to use them so I'm so glad I got to send it. The second picture is the list with the information on the products included. I'm so glad that include a list, it's such a great help.

So that is what it looks like when it's all packed nicely in the box. Then I took it out and could not fit it all back in. The great thing about them is that they put so much stuff in one tiny little box! I mean, seriously, I don't know how they do it.

Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo and Body Wash ($9.95): The price is not the sample price, just so you know. That's the price for an 8 oz. bottle but I don't want to try estimate how much a sample costs. I'll just say this, it smells amazing! I love, love, love how it smells. It smells just like an orange creamsicle. If you've never had one, go eat it, it's delicious and perfect for fighting the summertime heat. This works great as a shampoo. I didn't test it as a body wash yet but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna buy more just to smell it.

Greek Island Labs Natural Joint ($45): That price was the only price I could find for the pills online. It was being sold on e-bay and contains 30 pills. So this would probably amount to $7-8 worth of pills. We did not try this one. It's claims are not supported by the FDA so I don't really want my grandparents or anyone I know with joint pain to try it. Not sure what we'll do with it, probably throw it away. As you can see, Jongy had to oversee my shooting of this one.

Earth Friendly Products Organic Lemongrass Hand Soap ($3.49): The price is for 17 oz. The sample bottle was 4 oz. To be honest, I'm glad they didn't send a whole bottle. This soap smells good, cleans good, but it stripped the moisture from my hands. Now I don't normally have dry hands. My hands are usually good and I never have to use lotion on them at all. This soap cleaned my hands really well but made them feel so dry that I had to put lotion on them. So I'll probably just leave this on the sink and let all my family that come and go use it all up.

Molly Muriel Soft As Silk Shampoo Bar and Volcanic Bliss Bar Soap ($6 each): So that price is for a 5 oz. one. I got the sample size which I say is a decent size for sampling. The shampoo bar was tested by Bee. He really liked it. It lathered up really well and it was super soft. He didn't even condition his hair after and it still felt nice and soft. I'm thinking of getting more for him. The bar soap is a bit...umm...abrasive. Bee used this one too. He said it took some time to get used to the bits of, what I'm guessing is, bits of charcoal. He liked scrubbing his back with it because his back is always itchy. So we probably won't get this one but it worked really well. He felt absolutely clean after.

Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Milkshake ($2.08): Yes, that is the exact price according to amazon. After my experience with the last healthy drink they sent me in May, I did not want to be the one to test this. Lucky for me, my youngest brother volunteered. We'll call him Bubba. This is his exact reaction, "Mmm, not bad...eww! That's disgusting!" So he said that the first taste is the chocolate flavor and then the aftertaste is all the veggie flavor, which he didn't like. My other brother, who'll we'll call Baseball, said it tasted almost like soy. Bubba ended up throwing it away. He couldn't stomach the veggie flavor.

Organic Flavrz Drink Mixes ($1.23): That price is the cost of a single pouch according to amazon. Now where did I see this before? Oh yes! In my Love With Food box. Now while my sister said it didn't have that much flavor, Bubba really liked it. So I'm letting him have it.

Skout Bar ($3.17): That price is for a single bar according to amazon. I tried this one myself because they had an apple cinnamon flavor. I love apples and cinnamon. This isn't that bad at all. The flavor is pretty good though I wish it had more of a cinnamon flavor but that's just me. The only problem I had with this was the texture. I can't quite explain it but their is no variance in the texture so I couldn't finish it because it was too monotonous for me.

LARABAR Alt Peanut Butter Cookie Fruit and Nut Bar ($19.99): That is the price for a box of 15. Bee ate this and made me try a bite. It has a great peanut butter smell and taste but I don't like nuts. So I made him eat the rest. It tastes good though. So if you like nuts, unlike me, this is a great protein bar to try. Bee liked it.

Son for Men Soothe ($13.95): That price is for the 2 oz. bottle on the Conscious Box website. We didn't get to try this yet. I wanted Bee to use it before I posted up the review but then I realize that it's already July! I had to get all my June reviews up. So yes, we did not get the chance to try it. I'm excited to see how well it works though. I like getting things that Bee can use because he is always looking for good products to buy.

There was also a $50 Wine Gift Card. I don't drink wine or any alcohol for that matter so this was useless to me. I have no idea what to do with it since I also don't know anyone that drinks wine. Everyone I know drinks beer and that's about it.

There was a $25 voucher for paperculture which I used to buy stationary. I'm so glad I got this. They plant a tree with every order you make as well as printing on 100% recycled paper. I'm gonna get back into the art of pen pals so I need stationary. It came at the right time.

Overall, I loved this box so much more than the May box. Seriously, it was way better. There was actually stuff we liked in this box. The products were more useful to me too. I'm so glad I stuck it out for one more month. Since I don't know the exact value of the samples sent, I'm not even gonna try to calculate it. The $25 paperculture voucher was already worth more than the box, so I'm pretty happy. This is a great box for those who want organic and natural products to discover new things.

Did you get a Conscious Box? What did you think about the products this month?

Disclosure: I bought this box. I was not compensated in any way for this review. All opinions expressed belong to me or my family.

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