Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ad Wins + Meet the Blogs

Today is brought to you by another win! Yay! I can't believe my luck in this one. So I entered the June Group Giveaway over at My So-Called Chaos. I know, you've been seeing that name a lot. It's only because Miss Angie's blog is awesome.

There were tons of stuff being given away in this one. The best thing was that I won my first pick in the prizes! Ad space on four different blogs. Yep, four! So here is a little look at what has been going on in my life along with a look at the blogs that my button can be found on. Oh yes, if you haven't seen it, I added two new buttons! What do you think?

Finally got a good picture with those earrings from my Wantable box! That's about as nice as you're gonna get. Anyways, a lot has been going on with me. Here's a little run down.
  • I've been cancelling some box subscriptions that I feel don't really fit me. So you'll see some new box reviews cause now I'll have money to try new ones.
  • I signed up for Cara Box this month! So far I love it and can't wait for the reveal! It's super exciting to shop for someone else. I'm also insanely curious about what I'll get.
  • I've been really loving the customer service that I get with some of my subscription boxes. Specifically Bulu Box, Birchbox Man, and Wantable. Seriously, they are awesome when it comes to customer service.
  • I recently discovered that Richmond, CA is like the black hole of the USPS shipping system. Seriously, every box I ever ordered that got sent there has disappeared. Thankfully, I eventually got them like 2-3 weeks later. I mean, what's up with that?
  • I'm planning a giveaway for next month, so keep an eye out for that.
And that's it for me right now. Onto the blogs! Check them out and be sure to drop in and say hi if you get a chance. I'm so lucky that I get to have my button displayed on their blogs for free.

"I'm Holly, a 30-something mom of two who blogs over at Back Home Again about my family and our adventures, life and my attempts to live a green lifestyle. My obsessions are the Kardashians, Starbucks and anything and everything British."

Green Mountain Couple
" Hi! I am Kayla and He’s Dan. We blog over at Green Mountain Couple were we talk about our “Prepper” Lifestyle. You can find a random collection of posts on our blog (I have a tendency to take it over. OPPS!) that range from prepping tips to book & Product  reviews! We are also the parents of several FurBabies. Please stop by and check us out!"

"Hi my name is Becca and I write for Everyday Life a blog that like me  is creative chaos. I write a little about a lot and though i'm no great writer I do keep it real and honest. If you come over you'll find reviews, giveaway, music and poetry plus my weekly check in on my weight loss journey. So grab a drink and leave your shoes at the door."

Magic Cat Jenny
"I'm Jenny and I am a creator of many things.  I sew costumes and monsters, paint my face like animals, film and edit stories from my world and the worlds in my head, and write all about it in my blog. I have far too many ideas and projects and my blog is where I organize them all."

I'd like to say thank you again to all the wonderful blogs that made my win possible! You guys rock!

Win anything lately? Share the good news!

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