Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Getting Fit This Summer

I decided that I wanted to really get into shape after discovering Blogilates. The thing that I really need to work on is strength. I may be skinny but that's about it. Being skinny doesn't necessarily mean that one is in shape. So begins my journey to be fit by the end of August. If you do follow Blogilates, then you know how crazy she is at workouts! I'm following the beginners calender for now since my body is just not ready for advanced workouts.

The biggest issue with exercise for me is motivation. I'm one of those super lazy people. So I decided that I would put up a picture of my dream body. For me, it's all those Victoria's Secret models that make me want to get in shape. I mean, I wished I made my bra and panties look as good as they do.

 photo belongs to Victoria's Secret

Now that is what I want to look like when I wear a bikini. If I had a body like that, then I would even go buy myself a brazilian bikini.

Are you working on getting in shape this summer? How do you keep yourself motivated?


  1. I am trying to get into shape.. hard but I am trying..

    1. Good luck! Don't give up! I'll be trying my hardest too.


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