Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Surfing Goat Dairy On Maui

If you read my post yesterday, then you know what's coming next. Here is a closer look at my favorite stop on the Maui trip, the Surfing Goat Dairy. I totally need to go back there with Bee and take the tour since I didn't get to when I was there.

 When you first get there, you definitely know you're in the right place. Goats are everywhere! Luckily, there was young goats to the side of the main building so that we could pet them. That there is my sister petting one of the goats. That black goat actually pushed the brown goat out of the way so he could be petted.

 The cheese is freaking amazing. If you ever go there, go get the cheese! I would have bought tons if I could have taken it onto the airplane.

 They also make soap with the goat milk. How amazing is that! I totally bought this one. It smells amazing. We got to use their soap when we went to the bathroom there. It was so soft and makes your skin feel amazing. So I'm going natural with hand soaps!

Here are the truffles. They are so amazing too! I wanted to get a whole box of the honey flavor but they didn't have whole box of them frozen and I didn't want it to melt on the way back home. So I got this for Bee. He didn't eat all of them yet but we're going through them.

As you can tell, I am a total fan of this place. Next time, I'm definitely going on the tour.

Have any of you guys been here? Let me know! If not, make sure to put it down as a stop on your next trip to Maui.

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  1. Those do look yummy! What fun to meet the goats then purchase goat products.


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