Friday, June 28, 2013

My Big Family

I'm sure you can tell that I have a really big family. Well, it's much bigger than what you've already seen if I'm being honest. I have lots of aunties, uncles, and cousins. So many, that I don't even remember all of them. But I think it's about time that you meet my immediate family.

Here are my Grandpa and Grandma Torres on my father's side. If read about my Father's Day then you should recognize them. I'm so blessed and happy that they are still alive and going strong. One day I'll have to sit down with my Grandma to take record of her stories. She has many on my family's history that has to do with Hawaiian culture. My Grandpa actually used to build and race cars down the quarter mile when we had one here on Oahu.

This is my Grandpa and Grandma Sagolili. Ok, so I know this picture isn't the best and they're not the only ones in it but it's so hard to find any picture with them both in it. I snagged the first one I could find. My Grandpa is actually full Filipino yet can't speak the language. He is more moke than flip. My Grandma is one of my heroes, never met a woman as patient as her in my life.

Yes, that is my dad. He's kind of a clown. There were nice pictures of him but I didn't feel they represented who he is as well. My dad is also one of my heroes. He worked really hard to get where he is so that he could provide for me and my sister. While he didn't go to college, I consider him one of the smartest men I know. He'll also make you laugh so hard that your insides will start to hurt.

This is my mom. She's outspoken, opinionated, and dangerous in every way a woman can be but I love her. If it weren't for my mom, I don't even know what I'd be doing now. I'm sure she wouldn't win any mom of the year awards but she did the best by us with what she had. I'm happy that I had a mom who cared enough to be involved in my life through all the ups and downs.

This is my sister from my mother's side. My parents are divorced so saying that should now make sense. That is a crab statue she is posing with. My sister is kinda crazy and very loud. She makes me laugh and is super outgoing. A lot of people can't believe we are sisters because we are quite different in many ways. That's what balances us out though. Despite our differences, we get along very well.

This is my sister from my dad's side. Both of my sisters are the same age and are both born in August. Crazy right? As you can see, she is very much into cosplaying and anime and anything Japanese. I always go with her to the Anime convention here in Hawaii. She's a little bit of weird and sass thrown together. I'd say we look the most alike out of all my siblings.

This is my brother that plays baseball. I love supporting him in all his sports activities so it makes me sad when I have to work and can't make it out. I'm also upset that I can't afford to fly up to San Diego with him to watch him play baseball at the end of July. Why hotels, why you gotta be so expensive??? In any case, he is my super athletic and cool brother who is younger than me. So proud of him!

This is my youngest brother. He is the rascal of the family. Probably has a bigger ego than anyone else I know and is obsessed with having abs. Also, don't dare him to do anything for money because he will totally do it. He is just about as loud as the rest of my family. If you couldn't tell, both my brothers are from my mom's side. I'm hoping he'll be the smart one that makes it into Kamehameha Schools and graduates from there.

That was my family! Do any of you have a crazy and big family like me? Share your stories! Nothing like big, crazy family stories.

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