Thursday, June 6, 2013

June Julep Maven Box Review

If you'd like to know more about Julep, look at my Subscription Box List! They are a nail polish subscription box that also includes beauty items.


I had originally planned to skip the June box because I'm still waiting for the gel to come of my fingernails so I can use the polishes I got in my intro box. But then I went and looked at what the different boxes had and couldn't resist. Okay, so maybe I just got it for the amazing add-on of Bunny. Instead of getting the Boho Glam box, I went with Classic with a Twist because the colors looked more appealing to me.


The main box looked like they had packed it while in some kind of warehouse where they cut wood. There was, what appeared to be, sawdust all over everything. Not like I'm complaining. Everything was still packed nice and neat. For add-ons, I got Bunny and the Swatch Me Sticker sheets. The nail polish comes with a swatch me sticker attached but it's on the top! I mean, how am I supposed to paint the sticker when it's on the very part that you paint with?

They included salt water taffy but I couldn't take a picture of it separately because it was gone before I remembered to get my camera. My brother ate the chocolate one and he loved it. Bee got the Lime one but I didn't get a chance to ask him how he liked it. The strawberry flavor was okay to me. I thought it would have a much stronger strawberry flavor.

DD Creme ($28.80): I have never, ever tried any kind of cream or concealer for my face. Pretty much all I use is moisturizer. So this was my first experience using one of these. It's not that bad. It goes on really light and blends in perfectly with my skin. The good thing is that it moisturizes too because I have really dry skin. Don't know if I would go out and buy this but I'm glad for the opportunity to try it.

Kennedy ($11.20): So Junior wanted to scope out the goods with me. Here he is, sniffing Kennedy. Haha, that just sounds so weird. This is a really nice brown color. I love it because I'm a huge fan of neutral colors in beauty products. Junior seemed to like it too, well, he liked the bottle.

Martha ($11.20): This is a very light pink color. I really love it! This would be great for a french manicure. I'm a huge fan of pink too. It's my dad's favorite color. Looking at it also made me think of candy too, like a candy pink.

Bunny ($11.20): I'm so glad I got this! I don't really have any white at all so I needed it. You can't tell by looking but it has a gold shimmer to it. When I painted it onto a box, I could see the tiny gold flecks if I looked closely. I'm not sure how much it cost to add this one but I know it wasn't much. Silly me, I forgot to write that stuff down when I ordered it.

Set of 3 Swatch Me Sticker Sheets ($7.99): So I really wanted this so I could show you want the nail polish looks like out of the bottle. I would have used it but didn't want to waste it till I figure out how to get the polish onto the sticker that is actually on the bottle. This is great though, now I can swatch all my other polish and have an easier time choosing what to use when it's time to paint my nails.

Overall, this box was great! I loved the colors. The DD Creme impressed me enough that I'll use it till it's all gone. Everything I got, I'll use or eat in the case of the missing taffy. The value was way more than what I paid for it. If your looking for a nail polish box, this is definitely one to try.

Did you get a June Julep box? Which one did you choose and how did you like it?

Disclosure: I bought this box and all opinions expressed are my own. The link to Julep is a referral link.


  1. Julep info: The nail polish cap is actually two parts! Crazy, I know. You can pop the top off and it is separate from the brush so you can paint the swatch stickers that are already attached. I don't actually do this but I too was like, how will this work?!? You can look up the video on Julep's blog or site to show how it's a two-part cap. Hope that helps!


    1. Thanks so much for the info! I would have never figured that out myself. Now I can paint all my swatch stickers. You totally rock!

      Lots of Aloha, Tasha

  2. Usually, I just use a separate brush to swatch because I don't want to get my hands messy pulling out the brush!

    I liked the colors in this box, but I was not interested in the DD creams at all.

    1. I'll have to see which way I like doing it best then. Thanks for the advice!

      I wasn't really interested in the DD cream either as I don't usually use any type of foundation. But it goes on much lighter than I thought and blends right into my skin. I'm pretty sure I won't buy more though.

    2. You don't get your hands messy, just pull the square cap straight up while the cap is screwed on to the bottle. It is just decorative, and the actual lid that unscrews and holds the brush is much smaller. Paint the sticker, then pop it back on, no extra brush to clean.

    3. Oh! Thanks for the comment! Now I know exactly how to do it.

  3. I got the box with DD creme and concealer and added on Bunny and the navy and green polishes. I'm quite happy with the polishes. I liked the makeup but found that there was hardly any product in the tubes! I think I'll stick to Julep polishes and not get the makeup in the future!

    1. That's true, there isn't much product in it. Thank goodness the nail polish makes up for it. But I really wanted these colors so I went for it instead of the all nail polish box.


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