Monday, June 17, 2013

Quote Me on Monday

I know I missed a post yesterday. I was just too pooped and busy yesterday to get anything done. Since I'm actually really busy today too because I have to transition to a new location for my job along with some summer cleaning, we'll have a look at a quote. This quote, I actually really love.

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When I look at this quote, it automatically makes me think of the difference between a child and an adult. Sometimes, as we get older, we lose our imagination and creativity in favor of practicality. I actually think keeping your imagination and wonder of the world as an adult is a good thing. You are never too old to dream and you are never too old to imagine. 
Thanks for stopping by. Let me know what this quote made you think of. What does it mean to you?

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  1. I like that one! A nice reminder to look a bit deeper.

    1. Most definitely. Thanks for the comment.

      P.S. That cat in your picture is so cute!

  2. I like this quote! Very true about children vs adults!

    1. Thanks! It is something that I see all the time. Sometimes kids can be smarter than adults because they see things in different ways.


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