Monday, June 10, 2013

My Short Maui Trip

So for those that don't know, I flew up to Maui on friday and came back on saturday. Mostly it was for my brother to take his ACT but it was loads of fun at the same time! Here are some pictures from the trip.

 Here we are, walking through the Kahului Airport on Maui. It was crazy windy when we got there and it stayed windy the whole time. Half the time I had to walk sideways so I'd be more aerodynamic and not be blown away.

 At the rent-a-car place, there was loads of chickens! They were so cute and totally not afraid of people! So we fed them nutter butter and chibi arare. They loved both of them and attacked my sister for more food. It was so funny! The only problem was that there was no water for them so I had to pour water onto the ground for them to drink from. My brother also had to chase them off the driveway so they wouldn't get hit by the shuttles.

The view of one of our very long drives as we got lost trying to find the campus where my brother had to take his test.

We went to the Maui Ocean Center since it wasn't too far from us and we needed to kill some time. It was really fun! Not as spectacular as Sea World but Maui is also not as big as North America, so it was great for me.

 Look at the baby honu!!! They were so cute! My dad's fiance would have loved coming here to see them.

 This eel posed for me! I wanted it to open it's mouth so I could take a picture of it. So I told it, "Open your mouth." And it did! Thus the amazing picture.

 This was the only one I could find at the Kula Botanical Gardens. Then when we were leaving, we saw an escapee climbing on the outside of it's cage.

 There is my sister, taking her time strolling up the path while my mom and I waited for her. It was very beautiful. I was glad we had to hike uphill because it was chilly there.

This is the Surfing Goat Dairy. I really wanted to go on a tour but my mom and brother didn't want to. So I ended up just petting the goats in the front and buying some stuff. I couldn't get the cheese though. Can you believe that cheese counts as liquid for carry-on on flights? I mean, cheese? Come on! So I couldn't buy any goat milk cheese. Tomorrow I'll have a review on the Surfing Goat Dairy because I totally loved it even though I didn't get to do the tour.

Here I am on the way home, window seat and first class. I'm so glad to be home. It's nice to get away but I'll forever be a Honolulu baby. I don't think I could live anywhere else. I hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!


  1. Lovely pictures, and sounds like a fun trip. The botanical gardens look absolutely gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! It was loads of fun! The botanical garden was gorgeous. I have way more pics of it but didn't want to subject my readers to all of them.


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