Monday, June 3, 2013

First '13 Graduation Party

I have a huge family and extended line of close family friends. So there will be many more graduation parties to talk about. The first one of the summer was for my cousin Chris, well, nearly blood related. So a big congrats to Chris!

It was at Maple Garden. The party mostly consisted of family and really close family friends. Here are some of the pictures of everyone along with the ono grinds.

I didn't put all the pictures I took up because that would just be way too much. Bee loved the salt and pepper shrimp. That was the one thing he went and got seconds of. As you can see, we couldn't wait to eat our dessert. I realized after it was mostly gone that I should take a picture of it. The one in the front is homemade red velvet cake. It was so delicious!!!

My two brothers are in the pictures above but I won't tell you which ones they are. You can try to guess.

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