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Yuzen Summer Box Review

About: Yuzen is a quarterly box with eco-friendly, natural, and organic products. These can range from care products, snacks, and lifestyle products. It is $26/quarter. They send one for every season. Most of their products are premium sample-sized. They also include codes to get discounts if you want to buy something from your box. It isn't monthly because they wanted to maintain the quality of their boxes.


The packaging was so gorgeous! I absolutely love the box and the cherry blossom logo. When I opened the box, I almost didn't want to see what was inside because the wrapping was so nice. You can definitely tell they put time and care into coming up with these boxes. There is a little info card with information on the products as well as why they chose to include it in their box. There is a discount for every single item in case you want to buy more.

I have to admit, I did take a peek at what was inside this Yuzen box on Ramblings of a Suburban Mom. So I already knew what to expect but it was still a rush to see it before me. I think I fell in love with the items before even getting them. Everything sounded wonderful so I was eager to try it out.

JJ's SWEETS Sea Salt Cocomels: This was the first thing that I tried from the box. It was really hard to resist, so I didn't. It's made with coconut milk, so I was definitely curious about how it would taste. I'm a huge caramel fan. As soon as I popped it into my mouth, I thought kulolo. It so tastes like kulolo. For those that don't know what it is, it's like a dessert for us in Hawaii. I love kulolo. My mom has to hide her kulolo so we don't devour it on sight. That means that I loved this. Bee also loved it and one of his lion dance students kept asking for more when I halfed one with him.

LEVEL NATURALS Shower Bomb: I've never heard of this before. But I like things that can make a shower more enjoyable. This was amazing. The eucalyptus and menthol smell was divine. It arrived with perfect timing since my allergies and sinuses have been driving me crazy. I was all cleared up after my shower with this. I'm definitely getting more after I run out.

SUKI Sensitive Cleansing Bar: I don't use soap bars. My preference is for gel body wash. But Bee uses soap bars and this smelled really good. So I made him use it. He washed his body and face with it. It's supposed to be moisture-rich and it is. His skin felt amazing after. This is a Bee tested and approved product. I'll probably buy more for him when he uses the whole bar.

SUKI Luscious Lips Berry Cream Trio: It's supposed to be for lips and cheeks but I don't normally put anything on my cheeks so I just tried it out on my lips. I really like the packaging. I tried out the lip-repair butter but it was a little hard to put on. It didn't make my lips feel that much different. The colors were amazing though! I love how they feel and they last a long time. Even through drinking from a water bottle several times, it was still on. It's great that the color isn't overwhelming so I can control how much I want to put on.

SPA RITUAL Emerald City Nail Lacquer and Multi-Tasker Base & Topcoat in One: I didn't get to try these out yet but I'm loving the emerald color. It is totally a color that I would pick out for myself. I'm so glad they sent a topcoat too! I'm nearly out of my previous topcoat. This was very much needed. Even though I didn't try it, I'm still very happy with this product.

JUIL Giftcard/Code: So their footwear has copper conductors inside that act as a conduit between your feet and the ground. I checked out their website and it's a little pricey for me even with the discount. I'll keep it in mind though. The Mojanda was really cute. If I do ever buy one, that will probably be the one that I get.

Action Wipes: As soon as I saw this, I thought of Bee. He is always sweating from lion dancing or skateboarding. Man does he have some bad B.O. after. So I made him use it after skateboarding. The scent of it is amazing. It takes some time to dry but he immediately smelled better. After it dried, his skin was so soft! We're definitely gonna order more. He really liked this one. 

PRITTE Moisturizing Body Lotion: My skin isn't normally dry except for my face and my legs. I didn't want to use it on my legs since I was wearing long pants. So I put it on my face since it said that it is safe to use on one's face. It smelled really good, kind of like citrus or lemon. My skin was definitely moisturized afterwards. I almost thought I put too much but then my skin soaked it up. I have to admit that I kind of like this but I'm not sure if I would want to buy more. It does smell pleasant and works really well.

ACURE Argan Oil and Marula Oil: I'm a little wary of using things made of oil just because I'm pretty sure that the reason I get pimples at all is from me touching my face with my hands. But I gave it a try. They both really soak in quickly. I do prefer the Argan Oil over the Marula Oil though. I used it on my cuticles since they looked like they needed it. Bee could definitely use both so I'll probably use it on him at some point. The card does say that they are great for reducing fine lines, minimizing scars, and soothing dryness.

Overall, the value of the box didn't even matter to me. I don't care how much this stuff cost or if the monetary value was better than the cost because I loved everything about this box. This is by far the best box that I've gotten so far. We'll see how it holds up once I get more boxes. Yuzen is definitely doing something right though. They sold me on their products and subscription. I'm sure I'll never, ever cancel my subscription. If you don't have a Yuzen box, you should get one right now. There is a waiting list but it's worth the wait!

Did you get a Yuzen box? If you did, let me know how you liked everything! If you didn't but are interested in one of the items, feel free to contact me. You might be able to convince me to share one of the discount codes.

Disclaimer: I bought this box myself. All opinions expressed belong to me.

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