Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I Actually Fight With My Boyfriend About

This post was inspired by this lovely post over at Rainbows and Honeysuckle. Go and read it because it might give you ideas for your blog. This one kind of gave me mixed emotions on whether to write it or not but I think it will let you see me in a different light.

So our fights are probably lame or ones that others have a lot. We're still a young couple and he is only my third boyfriend ever. That's right, third boyfriend. I wasn't the type to date around or fool around. Bee is also 6 years older than me which may give insight into our fights. To narrow it down, I'll list the top 3 things we fight about the most.

1. Missed Calls and Late Pick-Ups

This one goes both ways though he misses my calls more than I miss his. The only time it ever really matters to me that he picks up his cell is when I finish work at 11 something at night and need him to pick me up. I would totally drive myself and park there if my job provided parking. Unfortunately, the parking that is available is $150 a month which I definitely cannot afford as a student and part-time worker.

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When he doesn't answer and then leaves me waiting out in the dark in Waikiki with very strange and/or drunk people walking around, I am not happy. So we are always fighting in the car on the way home. The thing is, he gets mad at me for being upset! I mean, I hope I'm not wrong for not being happy with him. If he had to wait for me in the middle of the night to pick him up because I didn't answer my phone, I would expect him to be mad.

2. My Time Spent on the Internet

Bee absolutely hates it when I'm on the internet. Like, for some reason he just thinks I'm doing useless stuff that is not worth my time at all. I'm seriously hoping I win one of the giveaways or sweepstakes I've entered just so I can be all like, "Yeah, that's what I was doing on the damn internet. Are you happy now?"

3. Family Stuff

That's right, we argue all the time about our families. Bee's parents are judgmental of me.  They are always asking him why is Tasha like this or how come she doesn't do this and I hate it. It really hurts my feelings to hear things like that from him. The worst thing is he never, ever defends me. He always assumes that their opinion is right and I'm wrong and always gets on my case about whatever it is they are complaining about. OMG, I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

Fortunately for him, my parents never say anything bad about him...ever. My dad loves him and while Bee has his faults, my dad doesn't complain about it. My mom sometimes tries to defend Bee when I complain about something he did. I've never told him that about my mom even though he complains about my family to me. Guess he got that from his parents.

Well, now you know the three biggest things we fight about. We've tried to talk it about before but he always gets into the mindset that he is right and shouldn't have to compromise at all. I'm willing to change so that we don't argue anymore and am trying to do so as the days go on.

Do you think I should be more understanding? Or do you think that he needs to make a change? Do you ever fight about these things with your significant other?

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