Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cat Wednesdays

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Second, welcome to my first in what will hopefully be many Wednesday posts on cats. If you couldn't tell from my About Me page, I love cats. There probably won't be one every week but they will be frequent. Both of my cats, Junior and Jongy, found me. I didn't go looking to adopt a cat or buy one. Instead, they just kind of fell into my life. This weeks section will be dedicated to Junior and how he came to be my cat.

His story starts before we even met. One night, a lady who owned a Lexus had gone to a restaurant to have dinner. When she finished eating, she came out to a car that was mewing. Worried about the cat stuck in her car, she waited awhile till she didn't hear anymore crying and was sure the cat had left before going home. The next morning she woke up to the mewing again. So she called my dad who works for Servco Lexus to tell him about what was wrong. That day she took her car in and my dad, along with the mechanics, took apart the front end of the car to remove him from the fender.

That night I got a call from my dad asking me if I'd like to care for him because he couldn't afford to with three cats already living at his house. Of course, I accepted! I did not want to see another kitten go to the Humane Society and possibly be put down because they couldn't care for him. When we first got him, he scared the daylights out of me. Bee was driving his MR2 and this little kitten decided to crawl behind the dash. I freaked out and we had to pull over to get him out.

This little guy was originally named Lexus because he was found in one. Later we changed it to Junior because Bee felt that Lexus was too girly. His full name is Kook Jr. Torres. Kook because he looks very similar to Bee's cat of the same name. So we call him Junior, though my Grandpa calls him Shadow because as a kitten he would follow everyone around.

He actually hid for a long time under the kitchen table when we first got him. Poor baby was scared and confused. Eventually, the lure of food made him come out. From then on, he made himself at home. Here he is sleeping on our rocking chair. It is now his favorite spot to sleep. If someone sits on in, he sits down on the floor and stares at them till they get off so he can lie down on it. 

Yoshi is his favorite toy ever. It wasn't even supposed to be a toy. It was my little Yoshi coin purse! Then he stole it and I just let him have it because it was all torn up and stinky after. That Yoshi used to be the same size as him. He still plays with it and sleeps with it. In fact, as soon as he was big enough, he would carry it around the apartment in his mouth. So cute!

Junior mostly just sleeps now and acts as a roadblock by stretching himself across the floor. He sleeps on the rocking chair all the time in the weirdest positions ever. I have never had a cat that sleeps like him. He actually doesn't remember who my dad is at all since my dad doesn't visit much, so he's scared of the man that rescued him. His weight is 15 lbs. and the vet said he is overweight by 3 lbs. So I told my Grandma to stop giving him so much snacks but she insists that he is just healthy.

And that is the story of Junior, a condensed one. Next week will be Jongy's turn. Do you have any good cat rescue stories? Let me know if you do! I love hearing stories with happy endings that involve cats. Funny stories are good too.

Side Note: If you ever get into a situation where you think a cat is under your hood, please do not drive! Junior was lucky but I've heard many stories about cats that have been killed because they were in the engine bay. It's better to be safe than sorry.

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