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Cooking Light Selects Cravebox Fast Meals Review

About: Cravebox isn't a typical subscription box service. You don't get charged monthly. Instead you select or enter a drawing for the boxes that you want. They come out with different themed ones. You don't get to know what's inside, that's still a surprise, but it will be centered around the theme of the box. They also have instant boxes that you can order. The price will range from $10-$20. Shipping is included in the price. They do have a referral program. If you want to join feel free to put my e-mail address ( as the person who referred you.

I recently got my Cravebox in the mail. It was quite exciting as it was my first experience with any kind of subscription box. Shipping was very fast which is always a plus. The only disappointment was that the box had been really damaged. There was a hole in it and it seemed like it had been smashed quite a bit. I was still anxious to open it though. Junior and Jongy seemed just as excited as I was. The blur on the left is Junior moving to sniff it.

This is what it looked like when I opened it. I didn't want to take a picture of the box itself due to the condition it was in.

When I did get to go through the contents of the box, I was immensely surprised in a good way. First off, there were a ton of coupons. I gave them all to my grandma because she loves snipping coupons and snooping around for great deals at grocery stores. She was very happy to receive them and will likely be using them all soon.

Popchips Salsa Tortilla Chips: These were smashed while they were in the box. I won't know if they taste good or not because my grandma snatched them up when I complained about the condition of it. I don't know about you but I do not like eating chips that have been smashed into itty bitty pieces. Though that isn't Cravebox's fault. Whoever handled it while it was on it's way to my house is to blame. I'm sure my grandma will enjoy it though. She loves chips.

Pure Via Stevia: I will definitely use this! Right now, I'm all for trying all natural anything. I may even try the recipes that were included with it. If I do, I'll let you know how it turned out.

Equal 0 Calorie Sweetener: I really do not like artificial sweeteners at all. Luckily, Bee said he would use it for his coffee at work. So it is all his. I'll just use real sugar or stevia.

Stash Herbal Tea Sampler: I was really excited to see this because Bee loves tea. Unfortunately, it is all herbal tea and his preference is simple, non-flavored tea. We will still try this though. I don't tea too often but if I do, I load honey into it. I'm a sweets person.

100% Whole Grain Triple Berry Fig Newtons: I have loved fig newtons since I was little so it was a nice surprise to see this. While walking home from work, I ate one of them as a snack. Bee will be taking the other one to snack on at work. Oh so sweet and small enough to put in a little bag.

ZonePerfect Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar: I'm not a huge fan of nutrition bars. It's just a personal preference. Luckily, Bee loves protein and nutrition bars. This will be a great snack for him after he is done doing his lion dancing or when he goes skateboarding.

McCormick Perfect Pinch Salt Free Southwest Sweet 'n Smoky: Seasoning is always great to get. I'm not big on southwest flavors but I'm always willing to try it. So this goes to Bee. He is the cook of the two of us. Hopefully he can make something delicious with this. If/When he does, I'll let you know how it turned out. 

McCormick Gourmet Collection Moroccan Seasoning: Now this is something I'm sure we'll both enjoy experimenting with. While I'm not big on cooking, I do try out new recipes when I have the time. This will definitely be put to use. Expect a post about how this was used, hopefully, soon.

Overall, I really loved this box! It had so much great stuff inside. The seasonings were the absolute best part of this box. Many times I've gone shopping with Bee and we both pass on the McCormick due to the price. Now we have a chance to try out two new ones. Totally loving Cravebox and will keep getting more. Sorry for the lack of pictures. My phone was acting funny and I lost my camera's battery charger! Need to find that soon.

As a side note, Jongy really loved the box itself. His rating is five stars for the box. By far one of his favorite things to sleep in right now. Of course, he didn't really care for any of the other items. He just wanted me to get rid of them so he could get the box.

Did you get this cravebox? If you did, let me know what you thought and if you used the seasonings.

Disclaimer: I bought this box.

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