Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Things I Love About My Boyfriend

Since yesterdays post was about the things I fight with my boyfriend about, today will be a positive one. Here are the top 5 things that I absolutely love about Bee.

  1. He is honest. I know that whatever he tells me, he is telling me the truth. I never have to worry that he may lie to me. It's trust and that absolute faith that I have in his character that makes it so I never think he would lie to me. It's also a breath of fresh air because I'm sure guys say nice things to girls all the time just to get with them. Bee wasn't that way when we met so I knew exactly what he thought of me.
  2. He is thoughtful. If you read my About Me section, then I'm sure you know I love sweets. No one knows this better than Bee. If he is somewhere without me and sees a snack that I might like, he'll buy it for me. How sweet is that? No pun intended.
  3. He gets along so well with my dad. This was one of those, if it's not happening then we are not happening things. Of course, why did I even worry. They have a lot in common. It's always nice to know my family approves.
  4. He makes me feel safe. I'm a little paranoid sometimes when I go out due to previous bad experiences with stalkers. With Bee, I don't have a worry at all. It's quite freeing. He is very street smart so we never end up in a bad situation.
  5. He loves cats just as much as I do! Surprisingly, it's harder than one would think to actually find a man that likes cats. Luckily for me, Bee grew up with a cat by his side. He wanted a girl who would love his cat as much as he does and I fit perfectly.
Hope you enjoyed this post! I certainly enjoyed typing it. I'm sure this list is different for every woman. What makes you love your man?


I love and appreciate all comments.

Lots of aloha,