Saturday, May 18, 2013

Link Up Saturday and Friday Night Fun

Every Saturday, I plan to link you to my top 10 favorite giveaways/sweepstakes going on right now. They are not listed in any particular order. I'm not hosting any of them but I have definitely entered them. Without further ado, here they are. If your link is here, I most certainly am following you! Thanks for making such awesome giveaways.

Now onto what I did Friday night. Mostly I just worked, which was really slow. Got to meet our new co-worker though. She seems really nice. After work, Bee and I went to meet his co-workers at Sports FanAddicts Bar and Grill. He has been wanting to go out for the longest time so this was much needed. Since I knew we were going out, I dressed up in my favorite outfit. The top and shorts are from Guess. My earrings were made by my cousin Leina who owns Truly Native Jewelry. Necklace is from Sea Life Park. Shoes are Steve Madden and I ordered them online from Amazon.

The night was really fun. Since I had just finished work with no break that night, I was starving. So I ordered poke and mozzarella sticks. Their poke is so freaking delicious. I can't even describe it. The seasoning is simple and the fish is so fresh. Broke da mouth kine ono. 

While I munched away at my food, Bee went ahead and played some pool with his co-worker. I have to say, it's fun watching him play when he is on his A-game. He kicked his co-workers butt in pool.

Later on, we all moved to the dart boards. I love playing darts even though I'm not good at it. Mostly I just try to get the darts on the board. It was really fun. I totally hit bulls eye like 5 or 6 times. I don't remember because who is really counting when they are having fun. Here is a candid shot of Bee's co-workers.

Normally, I'm not a candid camera type of person because I hate it when my mom takes random pics of me. But I didn't want to bother them with posing. Oh, all the guys are his co-workers and the women are either girlfriends or wives.

By the end of the night, I was thoroughly exhausted and happy to have gotten out with Bee. We rarely ever go out now due to our differing work schedules. I hope your Friday night was as fantastic as mine!

Oh, did I mention how short Bee cut his hair recently? Yep, same day that I got mine cut. I think he looks handsome either way.

How was your Friday night? Any plans for Saturday night? I got work again.

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