Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Skateboarding and 50th State Fair

First off, sorry for the incredibly bare post yesterday. I was quite busy but wanted to leave you with a song that I loved. Sunday was very fun for me. Bee and the kids wanted to skate first, then we went off to the 50th State Fair. It's quite pricy so I hadn't been to it in two years and wanted to go very badly. Here are all the pictures of our exciting day.

 I decided to throw these onto one big picture for the sake of not having to upload tons of pictures. So there they are, enjoying their time at Kaneohe Skate Park. It was quite small compared to what they are used to in town but they still had fun. Lucky for them, it had stopped raining when we got there.

Then it was through the tunnel in the mountain to the 50th State Fair!

If you live in the U.S. and can't figure out why it is named the 50th State Fair, then you might want to crack open your old history books. In Hawaii, we don't have enough land to have a theme park so this is as close as we get.

So many fun rides! I had a total blast. You probably didn't know this but I love fast rides that spin me around, flip me around, or that does anything to give me that exhilarating adrenaline rush. Roller coasters are my fave but we don't have those in Hawaii. Since I haven't been to a theme park in years, this was super fun for me. Last pic has the boys getting off our last ride, the Ferris Wheel. Great view from it.

For those that have never seen a pig race, they run faster than you think they do. I'm just glad I managed to get a picture at all of them!

I have to say, the petting zoo was really fun. Bee enjoyed it and so did the kids. In fact, one of them was trying to Instagram every single animal with him in the picture. He couldn't get the llama though. When he tried to take a picture with it, the llama tried to eat his hair. I would have gotten a picture of it but it kept facing it's butt to me.

Overall, a very fun and exciting day! I hope your weekend was a blast like mines! Hopefully, it ended better than mines since I had to work.

Do you have a state fair? Let me know about it! I bet it's way different from mines.

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