Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Start of a New Blog

After not so much research, lost sleep, and lots of tweaking, I have finally come to write my first post.

Just so you know, it is 4:22 am for me in Hawaii. I wanted to get this finished before I went to sleep which might have been a bad idea since I gotta wake up in 3 hours. In any case, I want to welcome you to my blog. Tasha Plus Boxes will be mostly about subscription boxes, current giveaways/contests, and product reviews. That won't be all though! I plan to add little things to give you more insight as to who I am as a person.

Due to a serious lack of energy, I will be calling it a night. After my hectic Mother's Day, I shall post up about my first subscription box I received. Have a fabulous day all you mothers! Good night to those also going to sleep at this crazy hour.

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