Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May Mini Pawalla Cat Box Review

About: Pawalla has subscription boxes for both cats and dogs. You can choose to get the Deluxe or Mini version. The Deluxe one is $30/month. You get 7-9 premium full-sized products that include toys, treats, food, supplements, and other essential pet stuff. The Mini one is $20/month. This one has 4-5 products and will never include wet food. Shipping is free. When you subscribe, they also ask you for information on your pet so that the box can be tailored to your pet. If you want to subscribe, feel free to use my referral link to get $6.50 off your first box!


As you can see, Junior was very curious about this box. Though him and Jongy are pretty much curious about anything new that I bring into the house. Usually I shoo them away but since this box was for them, I let them sniff it to their hearts content. I think I was more excited to open it than they were though.

This is the Mini one so I got 4 products. There is an info card with details on each item. The great thing about them is that Pawalla promotes products that are organic and made in the USA. I think I'm more in love with the fact that they actually have a cat box.

Amazing Pet Squish Balls ($3.99): I must say that I originally got this box for Junior but I'm pretty sure he won't be playing with this toy. So far, the cats have showed mild interest in it. But I'm sure that Jongy will be swatting these around when his 11 pm play time comes around. He loves toys while Junior prefers to chase us humans around and swat at our legs. The quality of the toy seems really good though. Jongy does love chewing on plastic things so this would make a good chew toy for him. 

Fresh'n Purr Cat Litter Deodorizer Crystals ($5.99): I just sprinkled some in the litter box recently so we'll see how well this actually works. They are definitely not lying about the smell though. It was like I was smelling a fresh apple. Hopefully it does help with the smell since I keep the litter box in my bathroom. It is not fun when I have to go to the potty right after one of my cats decide they want to make No. 2.

Natural Balance Perfect Bites Rabbit Formula Treats ($4): Junior loved these as you can see in the picture. As soon as I poured it out so I could take the picture, he started eating them. Jongy sniffed it and then walked away. That wasn't much a surprise since Jongy is super picky about what he eats. Junior likes to try everything. I probably wouldn't buy this myself so it's great that it came in the box so that my cats can try new treats. They have no artificial preservatives and are only 1 calorie per treat. Good because my vet said that Junior is overweight by two pounds.

Pet Head Dry Clean ($11.99): This is a spray on shampoo. You basically just spray it and then towel dry your pet. It is free of Paraben, sulfate, DEA, and is cruelty free. It smells amazing! My cats hate it though. First off, Jongy is deathly afraid of anything that sprays. When we spray anything, he runs out of the room as if his tail is on fire. Junior wasn't so afraid of it till I sprayed it on him. I basically chased them around with this to test it. It was kind of funny. They smelled good and it wasn't too hard to get them to stay still so I could towel them dry. They weren't too happy with me afterwards though.

Overall, all the products totaled $25.97. Not bad for a $20 box. I was kind of hoping for more treats but it's alright. I really like what I did get. It's near impossible to keep Junior still in a bath tub. When he's wet, it's like trying to hold slime still. Bee and I ended up just as wet as the cats the last time we gave them a bath. If the crystals work, I'm definitely going to get more. For next month, I'm going to upgrade to the deluxe box. I want to see what kind of wet food we might get and if my cats will actually eat it.

Did you get a Pawalla box? If you did, was it for a cat or a dog? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If you haven't subscribed yet, sign up here.

Disclaimer: I bought this box. All opinions are my own.

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