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June Nature Box Review

Nature Box sends you 5 full-sized, healthy snacks each month. To find out more about them, check out my Subscription Box List. They now let you choose between getting a random mix of snacks for the month or choosing which snacks you'd like to get. Of course, what fun would it be for me if I knew what was coming. So I left it at random. I never sneak a peek at any previews for any of my boxes.

Their box is probably one of the biggest boxes I get. That is probably how you know you get a full-size for each snack. They have such a nice box too. This came really late though. I got it the first week of July and this was supposed to be my June box.

I love the new packaging! It looks so unique and natural yet stylish. Forgive my total inability to explain it with fancy words. I just love the new packaging. Only problem with it is that it was a pain in the butt to open. The information card has all the info on each snack as well as tips on how to eat it. I decided to let Bee and his co-worker test them out for me since I originally got this so Bee would have snacks he could take to work.

Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley: This one has dried cranberries and apple bits. It was definitely tart! They also said it had a very rich flavor to it. The cranberries and apple bits are easy to distinguish when eating. Definitely a hit and a healthy snack that Bee can eat instead of all those salty pretzels that they buy in bulk. I personally love dried apples too so I ended up snacking on some before giving it to him.Yummy!

South Pacific Plantains: I was kind of excited to try this one because I had those amazing sweet plantain chips from my Love With Food box last month. These were a salty variety with sea salt. I didn't really care for these, probably because I'm more of a sweets type of person. Bee and his co-worker really enjoyed it though! They said it had just the right amount of salt. Good, because they will be the ones eating it.

Mango Almond Bites: Bee loves mango so this is great for him. They said that it was really crunchy, which I figured. The bag says they are crispy rice squares. His co-worker mentioned that it tasted really fresh too. I'm not a huge almond fan, since I don't eat nuts, so I didn't try this one.

Cherry Crumble Granola: The first thing I did when I opened this bag was smell it. There is a strong coconut scent to it. Checked the back, yep, there is definitely coconut in there. It's easy to taste too. They did say that there wasn't enough of a cherry flavor. More cherries please? Other than that, they loved it. They said the granola was really good. Bee loved it.

Tuscan Summer Mix: So this one, Bee's co-worker tried first. When they say that it's Italian-spiced, they mean it. The smell of it made me think I was in a restaurant waiting for some yummy pizza or something Italian. His co-worker said that the flavor goes from a real nutty flavor into something that tastes like pizza. He really enjoyed it and said it's interesting. I didn't try it but it does sound interesting and smells amazing.

Overall, I really loved this mix of snacks. I didn't put in the value because they send full-sized snacks. So basically, I paid $4 for each snack which I say isn't that bad considering that they are healthy and all natural. Bee is gonna love snacking on these at work. I'm so glad I got it for him. However, there is some sad news. I did cancel this because I'm rotating through my list of boxes. I don't think I'll renew though just because of the process that I had to go through just to cancel. I had to call their call center which is not open 24 hours and talk to someone asking me why I'm canceling. Not pleasant for me at all. Despite that, I totally recommend this box. If you don't think you're gonna cancel and will love getting this box for a long time, it's worth it.

Did you get a Nature Box? What was in it? Want to get one? Check out Nature Box and subscribe!

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Disclosure: I paid for this box. I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed belong to me, Bee, or his unnamed co-worker.

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  1. Hello Tasha I came via Becca's blog and have to say those things that came in that box look nice and some look like they would taste pretty good.


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